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Recommended by a well-known enterprise: Tedian New Energy Co., Ltd
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Te Dian is a pioneer and leader in the world's charging network technology system, with a total investment of 11 billion yuan in 9 years, a research and development investment of 2 billion yuan, a research and development team of 1100 people, 1200 patents, and more than 10 national major scientific research projects undertaken and participated in. It has conquered 20 core and key technologies of the world's charging network. It is the core enterprise that supports the large-scale development of electric vehicles in China, and the main force driving the consumption of new energy vehicles and new infrastructure in the country today.

Special call innovative charging network, linking the charging of multiple vehicles in the area into a local area network, enabling real-time interaction with vehicles, batteries, energy, and users, achieving orderly charging with the power grid and not competing with residents for load; Treat electric vehicles as mobile energy storage, and manage and intelligently schedule the charging process based on the load situation of the power grid to avoid any impact on the power grid. Adopting real-time detection and big data analysis technology, effectively reducing car burning accidents and solving the global problem of car burning.

Special call "virtual power plant" aggregates electric vehicle batteries and cascaded batteries through charging networks, microgrids, and energy storage networks. Through resources and technologies such as orderly charging, photovoltaic microgrids, mobile energy storage, cascaded energy storage, peak shaving frequency regulation, and vehicle network interaction, it effectively solves the pain points of urban peak power shortage and can also absorb more new energy electricity, becoming a new carrier of the new power system, promoting the realization of carbon neutrality.

Based on a forward-looking and profound understanding of the charging industry, Te Dian is the first to define the charging network, which includes the three eras of "charging", "electricity", and "internet", and continues to innovate and lead in the transformation of the "electricity" era. Through the charging network, microgrid, and energy storage network system, Telai Electric connects a large number of electric vehicles and tiered batteries through intelligent scheduling, builds a "virtual power plant", and participates in grid auxiliary services; In 2022, TEDA has completed the docking with 16 domestic home appliance network dispatch centers, participating in 1885 peak shaving charging stations, with a total capacity of 1045.35MW. The scheduled aggregate capacity in different scenarios exceeds 300MW.
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