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Before 2024
The opening of Liaoning Educational Equipment Exhibition
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Booth Fee Standards

¡ğ International standard booth 3m ¡Á 3m domestic enterprise: RMB 7800 per unit; Foreign enterprises: $1800 per unit;

Booth configuration: lintel production, one table and two chairs, one 5A/220V power socket, two fluorescent lamps, carpet, and cleaning; The booth height is 2.5 meters

Luxury standard booth 3m ¡Á 3m domestic enterprise: RMB 9800 per unit; Foreign enterprises: $2800 per unit;

Note: Double opening booths are subject to an additional 10% opening fee

Indoor bare ground (starting from 36 square meters) for domestic enterprises: RMB 800/square meter;

Note: The special decoration space does not provide any exhibition equipment facilities, and the special decoration management fees and water and electricity fees charged by the exhibition hall are borne by the exhibitors and their special decoration contractors.

¡ğ Product and Technology Promotion Meetings/Forums

Domestic (foreign) enterprises: RMB 20000/15 minutes.

The organizational structure is responsible for arranging venues, tables and chairs, sound systems, microphones, projectors, pens, paper, etc. The speech laptop is provided by the enterprise itself, and the enterprise organizes its own audience.

Advertising fee standards

Cover £¤ 20000, Cover 2, 3 £¤ 10000, Front Page £¤ 10000

Back cover £¤ 15000 Visitor certificate £¤ 10000/1000 colored inner pages £¤ 5000

Visitor voucher 15000 yuan/10000 hanging banner advertisements 30000 yuan/storefront 100000 yuan/storefront

Curtain wall advertisement £¤ 80000 yuan/piece, 8 * 10M exhibition board in the museum £¤ 20000 yuan/seat, hand gift £¤ 100000 yuan/piece

Chest card and sling £¤ 60000 yuan/Exclusive drinking water £¤ 60000 yuan/Exclusive flag £¤ 2000 yuan/face

New Product and Technology Promotion Conference £¤ 20000/booth signage, ground guide £¤ 20000/exclusive

Handbag £¤ 60000/Exclusive dinner sponsorship £¤ 80000/Exclusive

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