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¡ñ Intelligent charging solutions: charging and swapping operators, DC charging stations, AC charging stations, mobile charging, chargers, electric bicycle charging stations, swapping cabinets, charging pantographs, DC charging piles, wireless charging, optical storage charging inspection, energy storage charging stations, community charging solutions;

¡ñ Charging station and supporting components: charging module, power module, charging station shell (SMC material/sheet metal/plastic), PCB board, TCU (billing unit), charging gun, display, relay, chip, thermal conductive silicon material, three proofing paint, touch screen, connector, cable, wiring harness, fuse, fuse, power switch, smart meter, charging software system, cooling fan, testing equipment (charging detection and aging detection) Insulation detection module, communication module, lightning protection setting, charging pile canopy, charging pile monitoring, charging pile advertising screen, etc;

Supporting facility solutions: inverters, transformers, charging cabinets, distribution cabinets, filtering equipment, ground locks, security monitoring, high and low voltage protection equipment, converters, charging pile security (fire extinguishing devices), charging pile insurance, etc;

¡ñ Charging facility construction and operation solutions: charging pile construction, saas platform development, operators and maintenance providers, transformers, air conditioning systems, etc;

¡ñ Vehicle power supply, power battery, vehicle charger, capacitor, photovoltaic, energy storage battery, and battery management system;

¡ñ Power exchange station: Commercial vehicle power exchange station (taxi, heavy truck, logistics vehicle), private vehicle power exchange station, power exchange cabinet, power exchange equipment, power exchange bracket, power exchange gantry, power exchange robot, power exchange motor, power exchange battery, container, power exchange module, power exchange switch, power exchange crane, electricity meter, power exchange system/platform, visual detection and positioning system, monitoring system, charger, elevator, vehicle tire positioning device, BMS Tray, battery exchange vehicle, battery exchange: chassis, sub box, side, overhead crane, overall single and double sides, AGV battery exchange;

¡ñ Energy storage power plants and EPC projects: grid side energy storage, power side energy storage, power generation measurement and storage, user side energy storage, microgrid, distributed energy, smart energy, energy internet, home energy storage system, communication energy storage, data center, industrial energy-saving energy storage technology, optical storage charging (swapping) power plants, etc. PCS energy storage inverter, temperature control system, energy storage container, fire protection system;

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